PayPal API C# .Net Wrapper

The problem

If you have ever tried to use paypal to make payments you know that sometimes it could be a nightmare
Paypal has a lot of API options see info on this page
There are some articles that might help you to get started like this one
But if you will try to use it, you will see that it's not complete or updated to the current paypal API.
It does not work on real payments and work only for sandbox payments.

Our solution

We have developed an C# to wrap PayPal API
Using this code you can easily create a PayPal payment URL for sandbox and real payments
You will be able to commit your API created transition and save their details
It is very intuitive and easy to use

Downloading the code

Our code is free of charge and can be used freely.
We have our beta version ready to download.
Inorder to keep track of the source code and to release bug fixes and improvements,
we would appreciate if you could enter your email address and we'll send you the source code via email.

Email Address:

Help us

We are looking to extend this piece of code.
We'd like the sample code to cover all PayPal API C# .Net Wrapper interface.
Currently we are looking only for .net assemblies.
If you can help us, please send us info on this Contact Us Page.