IPBlocker class for C# .Net

The problem

Security is a very important issue for all web sites. Your site might need to have logic to block suspected user behavior from accessing your site.
Some filtering can be done using IPSec or Firewall applications, but there are cases when you need to audit and block users who are acting suspiciously.
One simple example can be to block a user who is trying to enter invalid user name and password to many times. Another one can be a user who is trying to use SQL injection to hack in to your site.

Our initiative

We are working on C#.Net sample to connect to allow users to find user suspicion behavior and block it.
The code handles some common cases of potential security breaches and blocks the user for a defined period of time.
We have just begun our work.

Downloading the code

Our code is free of charge and can be used freely.
We have our beta version ready to download.
Inorder to keep track of the source code and to release bug fixes and improvements,
we would appreciate if you could enter your email address and we'll send you the source code via email.

Email Address:

Help us

We are looking to extend this piece of code.
We'd like the sample code to cover many cases of user suspicious behavior.
Currently we are looking only for .net assemblies.
If you can help us, please send us info on this Contact Us Page.