C# .Net String Replace Case Insensitive

The problem

How many of you have had this kind of bug:
You are doing:
string str = "abcDEF";
str = str.Replace("abcdef", "123456");
and you expect str to be "123456" but no, becuase string.Replace is case sensitive.

Our solution

We have a C# string replace helper function which replaces string by string regardless of the case.

Downloading the code

Our code is free of charge and can be used freely.
We have our beta version ready to download.
Inorder to keep track of the source code and to release bug fixes and improvements,
we would appreciate if you could enter your email address and we'll send you the source code via email.

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Help us

We are looking to extend this piece of code.
We'd like the sample code to cover other string helper functions.
If you can help us, please send us info on this Contact Us Page.